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Good Ole Down Home Cookin

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Down Home Cookin
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downhome_cookin is a community about cooking, learning and sharing recipes. Showing photos of the finished product and having a great time doing it. We like to create meals from scratch that are healthy, satisfying and just for plain comfort. We welcome any new recipes or opinions on how to spice up any dish.

We are open to all recipes from all corners of the world and from all nationalities. From Italian, Chinese, American, French, Korean to African, Austrailan and Brazillian. Sweet, sour, spicy, hot and cold are just a few of the adjecties to describe the foods that we create.

Please read the rules and guidelines before joining!

Jesika & Krissy



These rules are subject to change at any time for any reason. Check back often for an up to date list.

1.] All posts are moderated. Please be patient. If your post never shows up, we probably rejected it for one of the following reasons; off topic, promotion, rude/offensive, no lj-cut and so on and so forth.

2.] Absolutely NO offensive, harrassing, threatening, immature, rude comments. If you're rude, you'll be banned. Simple as that. THERE WILL BE NO WARNING. IF WE CATCH YOU BEING RUDE TO SOMEONE IN THIS COMMUNITY, YOU WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE BANNED.

3.] There are currently only TWO mods. Meaning you do not have the right to inforce rules. If you notice something that we missed, EMAIL one of us. Do NOT take it upon yourself to fix the situatin, it is NOT your place. If we notice ANYONE back seat moding you will be banned. If you want to mod, make your own community.

4.] LJ-Cut is there for a reason... USE IT! Please keep everyone's friend's page in mind when posting. Do NOT change the size and/or color of the text in your post(s). There is no need for it. If you are posting pictures or long posts in general, USE A CUT. Forgetting the cut will result in rejected/deleted post(s). There is no excuse for this rule!

< lj-cut text="title of cut here" > your post here < / lj-cut >

5.] Stay on topic. This is a community to share recipes, not to show off that your child just started walking or your cute new shoes. Any posts that don't have something to do with a recipe will be rejected.

6.] Check the memories, LJ FAQ's and the help pages before asking general questions like how to post pics or how to edit/delete your post. We try to update the memories section on a regular basis. Redundant questions will be rejected.

7.] Promotions and advertising is NOT permitted. If you would like to promote your community go to community_promo. Promo posts will be rejected and will get the poster banned.

8.] This is by NO means a vegan/non vegan community. We accept both vegan and regular recipes and do not discriminate against either. There is to be NO bashing people because of what they chose to or not to eat! If you don't like a certain recipe because of it's vegan/non vegan status, FINE, just keep it to yourself. DO NOT fuss about something not being vegan friendly or something being 'too vegan'. You will AUTOMATICALLY be banned if we catch you in a vegan/non vegan dispute!

9.]If you have a subsitute ingredient for a recipe to make it non vegan/wheat free/vegan/dairy free/etc, please KINDLY post it in the comments to that recipe.

10.] All recipes MUST include a brief statment of the ingredients used. Keep in mind that a lot of people have food allergies to wheat, dairy (lactose) and peanut along with many other things. Also remember that not everyone is vegan/not vegan. Something like *STATUS: This recipe contains meat and dairy products*, will work just fine. No more is needed.

11.] All recipes MUST have a photo of the finished product in the post. Even if you don't have a photo you took yourself, if you can find one online of the exact same recipe use it! This is not an option. Recipes without photos will be rejected.

12.] All recipes MUST have an estimate as to how much all of the ingredients cost. You don't have to list exactly how much each thing was something simple like "I spent about $15 total for this meal." will do just fine. It's not that hard and gives everyone an idea of how much they're going to be spending on that particular recipe.

13.] If you are posting a recipe, you MUST post the name of the recipe in the subject. This makes organizing the memories and searching easier.

14.] DO NOT violate the Live Journal Terms of Service or you will be banned and reported to abuse@livejournal.com. Remember when you joined Live Journal you agreed NOT to upload, post or otherwise transmit any content that is hateful, threatening, abusive, harassing, torturous, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, unlawful, harmful, libelous, invasive to another’s privacy, racially or ethnically offensive, or to "stalk" or otherwise harass another LJ member or community. If any user is reported to be in violation of the letter or spirit of these terms, LiveJournal.com retains the right to terminate such accounts at any time without further warning.
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